4 Things to Pack With You For Your Baby Delivery!

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After nine months of carrying your child, it’s finally time for the baby delivery! Things can get really hectic so lots of expecting mothers may pack a hospital bag nearer to their due date. This makes it easier just to get all your necessities once you get into labour. If this is your first child, we’ve created this checklist so you can relax and just focus on yourself and baby when the time comes!

Comfy clothes

Since you’ll be spending quite some time in the hospital, you’ll need clothes that will keep you comfortable. Comfy pj’s, a jacket and socks will help keep you warm and cosy during your stay. A jacket or open robe keeps you warm and makes breastfeeding more convenient. Consider bringing a nursing bra as well since you might start nursing your baby immediately and regular undergarments may not facilitate that well. 


Having a little bag of grooming essentials is excellent for you to feel fresh and visitor-ready. Hospitals usually give you a basic kit of toiletries do you may not have to worry about a toothbrush, toothpaste and soap. However, many mums swear by dry shampoo keeping their hair feeling clean and looking picture-ready. Another handy product is a multi-purpose moisturiser like petroleum jelly or aloe vera gel to keep your skin comfortable under the air-conditioning. 

baby delivery similac

Gadgets and chargers

Your stay at the hospital may a while so bring along your phone or tablet. Keep yourself occupied or busy by watching a show on Netflix, mobile games or just a book. Portable chargers, like powerbanks, are handy so you don’t have to strain yourself post-birth once your device runs out of juice. Plus, you’re bound to take photos of your little one and visitors, so keep a phone or digital camera near!

Snacks, supplements and treats

You may be asked to fast once you get to the hospital so you won’t be eating before or during labour. However, the last thing you’d want to after giving birth is to only dine in some hospital. Pack along your favourite snacks or treats to munch on for a good pick-me-up as you recover. If you’ve been on supplements such as milk specially formulated for breastfeeding, you should bring those along too. 

Labour shouldn’t be a stressful and uncomfortable affair. Having these items ready to go when you’re just about to pop will go a long way in making sure the whole process is smooth and easy. If you wanna read more about baby delivery, head on over to https://abbottnutrition.com.my/pregnant-mom/6-clear-signs-you-are-going-into-labour