5 Super Cool Coworking Space Around KL

common ground coworking space

Nowadays, many of us are self-employed. So, sometimes we feel uncomfortable when doing work and surf the internet at a place that provides Wi-fi but less comfortable and noisy. Sometimes we also want to make a meeting or meet with friends or colleagues in a comfortable and quiet place.

Did you know there are place or a special space called coworking space in Kuala Lumpur nowadays? Coworking space is a place where you can rent it by the number of hours, days or months you wanted to use and you can use to make appointments, meetings or work in most comfortable conditions. The coworking space normally has all the necessary equipment and meeting services and appointments.

common ground coworking space

Here we list some of the locations that you can rent around Kuala Lumpur.

Common Ground, Bukit Bintang

One Card, All Access. With a membership at a specific location, you automatically have a membership at all Common Ground outlets across the country. And depending on your work style, you can choose to sit on cosy sofas in any locations, at dedicated tables, in communal areas, or private fully furnished rooms. Common Ground also always have speakers coming in and giving talks, workshops as well as sport activities. The environment, design and furniture insides are all gorgeous and it inspiring, and the community management team is absolutely outstanding.

Follow this link to learn more about Common Ground: https://www.commonground.work/


Each floor has its own space equipped with business class printers, office supplies and paper shredder. Provided with projector, sound system and light control, the easy lounge space can be changed to hold member meeting sessions in anytime. Tenant can get over flowing ideas in the space designed for spit-balling, thanks to the writable wall and standup-friendly furniture.


Paper + Toast located in the Fahrenheit88 KL building has their own concept. They also have a meeting room available. In accordance with their own name, they also provide a variety of foods and drinks according to their respective tastes. Among the companies that have tried this site are Petronas and Hong Leong. Meanwhile, Paper + Toast is also ideal for potential entrepreneurs who still do not have their own office space but dreaming of opening a business and forging their own name.

Co. The Row

The Co. basically is a bungalow and has been converted to the work space. Some of the events are councils with corporate and technologists or some of the activities that can be healthy like yoga classes. Some of the companies that started at this location are Zomato and ServisHero. One of the rather prominent spaces here is that you can work while sitting on the windows while enjoying the beautiful scenery and comforting atmosphere.

Dream Gate

Dream Gate located in Beranang provides office space for rent by Bumiputera entrepreneurs. Conceptual co-working space, Dream Gate offers a variety of facilities to its tenants. Among the facilities offered are 16 Co-working Space with private office address, High Speed ‚Äč‚ÄčInternet (100mbps) and not only that, all tenants also can participate in various entrepreneurship courses organized by MARA. If you are seeking business financing from MARA, you will also be given priority based on eligibility.

Go And Experience It

Often hot areas in the Klang Valley such as Subang Jaya or Bukit Bintang have an office rental price of up to RM20,000 per month. You can reduce the rental budget by sharing the work space. At these offices, it provides a plan that offers a variety of exciting facilities and benefits ranging from a rental price of RM60 per hour and above. Now you do not have to worry about completing your short-term project budget as they provides various options such as daily charges, hot desks where you can move to different tables around and choice of fixed desks are also available at reasonable prices which all will benefits you and your business.