7 Early Signs Of Autism In Baby

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Autism is a long-term developmental disorder that affects children’s thinking and information processes. Autism occurs in children of 1:1000 and autism is 4 times more common in boys. Symptoms like these usually occur before the child is 3 years old but they are not yet known.

If all of you notice, most children with autism suffer slowly. To the parents’ knowledge, there are actually some signs that can be noted as early research before consulting a specialist doctor or Autism center. Symptoms of childhood autism can be seen since the baby is as young as 5 or 6 months old and the symptoms are not the same.

autism center malaysia autism link

Below are 7 signs that are commonly found. To the parents’ knowledge, this signs can be traced not only because the baby and the child are ‘strange’, but rather as they are not used to normal children.

Slow Motor Development

Slow baby motor development signs:

  • 6 months old baby – not smiling and unhappy.
  • 9 months old baby – does not produce any sounds and mimic face.
  • 12 month old baby – does not want to talk or respond to people’s calls.

Want Excessive Attention

Try to see your child. Are you comfortable with someone else? Or do they just want your attention?

If the answer is yes, then they are actually uncomfortable with other people. They don’t like the outside environment of their environment.

Yes. It’s normal for a baby to not like another person. However, please note that as children grow older, their temperament remains the same. People with autism do not like friends.

Lack Of Movement

Autism infants do not like movement such as using a gross motor which is pointing.

You should see your baby 8 to 10 months old, with the development of a rough motorcycle. Babies in this age group should be able to reach for something and hold on to it.

If not, please pay more attention!

Repeating Same Action

Usually, autism children love to repeat their actions. They often clap their hands, turn around small appliances such as bottles or games, copy words and repeat them over and over.

No Baby Talk

Do you know what “baby talk” is? Baby talk is a word that babies always say or speak in their language. Adults will never understand. For example, eahh, afgh, emmf and so on. Normal babies at 12 months old always do this.

Autism infants do not do this and they cannot express themselves and understand their meaning.

No Response When Called

Autism / autistic babies have a hard time building social relationships with others.

Parents try to see your baby at 5 to 12 months old. If they do not respond when called, please take note. That’s a characteristic of baby autism. They do not like to be kissed, touched, and will feels uncomfortable.

No Eye Contact

You must take this sign! Have you even test your baby’s eye contact? How to test eye contact with your baby? You use one object and move it in front of the eyes, making sure their eyes follow the movement of the moving object.

Eye contact is an important sign and easy to detect through it.


If your baby is slightly inclined to these 7 signs mentioned earlier, get an expert doctor’s opinion immediately. You may get them check at Autism center Malaysia

Don’t feel inferior or embarrassed. This is because children with autism are not disabled people. Well, your child’s development or upbringing needs to be slightly different