Alternative Spanish Lessons: Netflix Shows You Should Watch

spanish lessons

Learning a new language is always exciting as you expand your horizons and learn about new cultures that come with the language. However thrilling it might be, the process itself can be incredibly difficult at times.

For a language such as Spanish, there are many ways to make the process easier. The key to mastering a language is to have exposure to the language that you’re learning. If you don’t have the privilege of having Spanish friends—at least not yet—there is one entertaining way to improve your Spanish lessons. Watch more television. If you need suggestions, here are our favourite shows on Netflix in the Spanish language.

Narcos – US Colombia Mexico

One of the earlier titles in the Netflix Originals selections has proved to be a classic. If you like stories that are loosely based on real-life, this is the show for you. The series looks at the crimes of the infamous drug lord Pablo Escobar and the full extent of his influence in his home country of Colombia.

spanish lessons

Siempre Bruja (Always A Witch) – Colombia

An Afro-Latina woman from 17th century Colombia time travels and finds herself in a modern world. She was a slave accused of witchcraft and on her execution day, a wizard offers to save her life for a favour. Watch this fantasy drama for a look into witches and also more insight into the Spanish language.

Elite – Spain

One of the more popular titles on Netflix right now, Elite tells the story of private school drama. Fans of teen dramas such as Riverdale might find this fascinating as the mystery unravels throughout the series. Although the story is set against a high school backdrop, expect deeper issues regarding class and gender roles.

Las Chicas del Cable (Cable Girls) – Spain

Look into the struggles of the working-class women in 1920s Spain as they fight against sexism in the telecommunications industry. The series follows four women, each with a story and challenges of their own and how their friendship with each other helps them survive. Watch this if you like vintage fashion and stories with feminist undertones.

La Casa de las Flores (The House of Flowers) – Mexico

Need something lighter? Learn Spanish while having a few laughs with this dark comedy about a wealthy family trying to keep it together when a scandal hits them. As more secrets about individual members of the family are uncovered, the family finds it increasingly difficult to maintain the image of a perfect family.


To sum it up, you should definitely try using different mediums to make your Spanish lessons better. Besides TV, you can explore films and music as well to hear the language spoken by natural speakers. All of the series recommended above are from different countries so you can have a look at how they perhaps have a different style or dialect in their spoken language.

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