Don’t Miss Out on These New and Exciting Nexflix Originals!

vivo nex 3 VIVO

Nowadays, catching your favourite TV shows or movies is as simple as watching it on-the-go through the Netflix app on your phone. With phones like the Vivo NEX 3, you could enjoy it anywhere at any time. During your daily commute, in bed or even while you have your lunch break. 

While Netflix offers all your favourite classics in film and TV in one app, they also produce their own content that’s just as compelling and interesting. Here are some of their new releases that you shouldn’t miss!

The Politician 

Ryan Murphy’s first-ever production for Netflix, The Politician echoes similar settings to his previous work, Glee. Set in a high school during a student body election, you’ll find mirroring events and themes in this show to the one of reality. Light-hearted yet surprisingly inspiring, The Politician is an excellent series for you to watch over dinner on a weeknight. 

vivo nex 3 vivo


October is a great time to visit all the spooky, scary stories to get you geared for Halloween by the end of the month. This year, Netflix releases the second season of Haunted, an anthology series of true paranormal stories. While the first season received average reviews, the second season has been praised by many to have tighter writing and better storylines. Have this ago when you’re feeling brave!

El Camino

If you are a fan of the Breaking Bad series, then you’ve probably known about this release. El Camino is the follow-up sequel movie to the TV series. The film is set to tie up the remaining plot for Jesse Pinkman. Picking up from where the show ends, catch this Netflix special to find out what will happen to the man that helped shape the iconic TV series into a classic.


These Netflix releases are a great addition to your to-watch list this month. They’re fun, exciting and most of all, easy to stream with the phone app. If you watch a lot of shows on your phone, the newer generation of phones with wide displays is made just for you. Have a look at this notch-free and thin-bezel screen on a smartphone here