How to Solve Frequently-Maintained Home Air-Cond That Still Not Cold?

Air conditioner or commonly referred to as air cond is one of the electronic devices that are often used, whether it’s at home, office or elsewhere especially for someone who lives in the hot air areas. And just like other electronic devices, this air cond will also experience interference, whether it’s due to user error or due to technical damage.

If you experience interference, of course, the room will become less cold, which will feel hot or stuffy. But what if your room’s air conditioner isn’t cold even though it’s been treated frequently? Come on, find out the cause as well as how to deal with the cold air conditioner below!

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Room condition

The condition of the room can also be one of the reasons why the air cond is not cold. If the room where the air conditioner is installed is often exposed to direct sunlight or made from a mixture of cement and sand, the room will get hotter so that it affects the AC performance.

If you find that your room does not support the air cond to get optimal results, then try to reduce the temperature of the air conditioner or replace your air conditioner with a larger cooling capacity. If you do not adjust the cooling capacity to the extent of your room, it could be that it causes the air conditioner to not cool even though it has often been serviced or maintained.

Remote AC setting

The cause of the cold air conditioner can come from your own remote AC settings. If you set the wrong mode, the air coming out of your air conditioner might not be cold.

To overcome this, you must set the AC remote mode in auto or cool mode. That way, the gusts of cool air will be firmer than before. In addition, you can also set your fan or Air cond fan to the maximum level so that the wind blows faster.

Electric Voltage

The third reason why air conditioner is not cold even though it is often serviced, is the electric voltage that is not stable. Air cond itself has a greater voltage than other electronic equipments. So that the voltage that is not stable can affect the performance. But you don’t need to worry, you just need to wait for the mains voltage to return to normal, then the air cond will automatically cool down again.

Less Freon Pressure

As a substance containing a very low boiling point, freon is used as a cooling material in air conditioners and refrigerators. Therefore, the lacking or runs out of freon is one of the reasons why the air conditioner is not cold.

Actually, freon only needs to be filled about 4-5 years of usage. However, if your air conditioner has to be filled with freons frequently but your air conditioner is still fairly new, there may be other causes such as the bent or broke of the freon pipe which causes the leak.

Damaged compressor

A damaged compressor can cause the air conditioner to not cool. As the main component, the compressor serves to regulate the circulation of freon from the outdoor air conditioning or and back to the outdoor.

Old compressors can experience rust or worn-out that causes leaks in the compressor itself. Besides that, compressor amperes that are too high can also cause damage to it, that the compressor will heat up easily. This causes the compressor to stop more often to cool the temperature. The solution to overcoming a damaged compressor is to replace the compressor with a new one and according to its capacity.

If it turns out that your air conditioner is more than 10 years old, you can immediately replace the outdoor unit to save more money in term of the maintenance.


Now, there are some ways to easily adjust the temperature of the air conditioner so that the maximum cool can be felt. In addition to the method above, there are other ways to make your room cool more optimally, namely by choosing an air conditioner with a large capacity that matches the area of ​​the room such as Mitsubishi air conditioners that have different size and volume accordingly.