Illegal Cigarettes Smuggling Is Getting Out Of Hand

Malaysia is currently the biggest consumer of illegal cigarettes. Almost 60 percent of cigarettes distributed is illegal.

Hike In Tax Increase Illegal Consumption Of Cigarettes

Malaysia raised the excise duty on cigarettes to discourage smoking nonetheless the move failed. As an alternative for smoking less, smokers opted for cheaper illegal cigarettes. Thus, we earned the unenviable title of being earth’s largest consumers of illegal cigarettes, with 1,000 packs sold a second.

Oxford Economics recently released an analysis indicating that Malaysia lost almost RM4.8 billion in excise taxes a year ago. One study affirmed that Malaysians bought over 12 billion sticks of illegal cigarettes just last year. Oxford Economics said illegal cigarettes represent 58,9 percent of all smoking aids sold in the state.

Authorities Claim to Apply Enforcement At The Border

illegal cigarettes

Billions in lost revenue is an issue along with the media happens to be reporting many raids lawfully enforcement agencies to discourage smuggling attempts at border checkpoints. The Customs department confiscated contraband cigarettes worth RM1 billion. The illegal cigarette trade is incredibly profitable to crime syndicates.

Raids and seizures through authorities have limited have an effect on the challenge. An all-out assault is usually combated the illicit tobacco trade. Smuggling syndicates can flout legal issues and influence enforcement personnel through bribery. Malaysia’s attractiveness as a global investment destination could be impacted by this belief of corruption, Oxford Economics informed.

Illegal Cigarettes Trades, A Lucrative Source Of Income For Criminality

Investors will hesitate to reports that 80 percent of security and police personnel at Malaysia’s borders are corrupt. Arises from the lucrative sales of contraband cigarettes are viewed as useful to fund more smuggling activities together with other different types of criminal activities.

The lucrative income out of the cigarette trade could even be familiar with finance terrorism. The Home Ministry and a few crime prevention groups have become looking at ties between terrorist organisations and the growing illicit cigarette business. It is considered that these organisations have to build operations in Malaysia to enhance funds for their activities.

Bribery At The Border

Bribing border officers, a regular method made use of by smugglers, is a small price to pay for smugglers if compared to the huge returns. Smuggling syndicates are brazen enough to work with threats and intimidation if bribery would not influence these quarters to work with them.

Cigarette smuggling will worsen resulting from poor border controls and occasional arrest rates, as a result of corruption. Weak penalties for offenders also embolden them. Malaysia’s high tobacco taxes produce a huge disparity of prices with neighbouring countries, that creates smuggling lucrative. To curb this matter, corruption has to be stopped for the source, what are the syndicates.

In A Summary

The federal government should introduce harsher punishment greater penalties around the supply chain, including heavier fines and imprisonment. It would be a far more effective deterrent if most of the players, belonging to the smugglers to individual operators like distributors and retailers, are be more responsive to the whole force belonging to the law.