My Top 4 Most Used Phone Apps


Remember when mobile phones were just one of the methods of communication? I do. The most we could do with a phone at the time was make calls and send text messages, and maybe use the calculator if you needed to solve basic maths.

However, times have changed. Mobile phones have evolved into smartphones that humans rely heavily on upon. Almost everybody owns a smartphone these days, young and old. In fact, I wouldn’t say that it’s out of line to say that not owning a smartphone at this time and age is equivalent to being a caveman.

It sounds harsh, but that’s because smartphones are very convenient tools these days. You can do anything from communicating with your loved ones from checking the bills with your phone. If there’s anything you need to do, I bet there’s a mobile app in the store for it.

That said, here are my top five most used apps on my phone, not including social media apps:


After Uber stopped operating in Malaysia, Grab has become the top smartphone-based transport booking platform. Wherever you want to go, whenever you want to go, you can book a Grab driver to bring you there.

As a person that frequently travels around the KL area, this app is useful because I don’t own a car. Public transport such as LRT and MRT doesn’t always bring me to the exact location every time, so my next best choice is ordering a Grab.



Manage your mobile account now easier with MyDigi app especially for Digi user. Check bill now you no need to open your email or search it from your long-listed documents in the download folder. It’s essential to pay your phone bills to ensure you get your internet top up every month.

As a Digi user, the MyDigi app makes paying for my bill easier than it should be. Besides paying my bills, I can also check internet balance, get customer service support and earn exclusive rewards with the app!

You can download MyDigi app in your smartphone to manage your Digi account easier and track your bill and grab special rewards from Digi. Get them from both apps store at:

Apple App Store:

Google Play Store:


Too lazy to cook? Too busy to eat out? Foodpanda solves this problem by delivering food straight to you by ordering food on your mobile device.

Foodpanda is my saviour when meeting deadlines or whenever I’m hungry. They deliver 24/7 and there’s plenty of food choices for you to choose.

KL LRT Price Check

I use the LRT every day to get to work, but if I have to get to somewhere else I’ll try to see if I can get there by train before using Grab. While Google Maps is a convenient app to see the available travelling methods, it doesn’t show the MRT route.

The KL LRT Price Check app is the best app so far that provides all the train routes in Kuala Lumpur. It shows the LRT, MRT, KTM and even the BRT line! There are also other options to filter payment and time.


I can’t imagine a life without a smartphone or these apps. It wouldn’t be the end of my life if these apps were taken away from me, but it’ll definitely be inconvenient.