Never ignore these candidate red flags

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Every hiring manager wishes to hire the best available candidate for the company. Unfortunately, not every person that walks in the door or applies for your company on Jobstreet Malaysia is suitable for the job.

While it’s normal to reject candidates due to lack of experience or not qualifying the requirements, some candidates may display some signs that may set off your warning bells. It could be anything from their behaviour to the way they converse with you.

Don’t ignore these red flags as they may cost a lot of time and money for the company in the long run. Not sure how to detect them? Here are a few examples of hiring red flags:

Lack of understanding of your company

Nothing tells you how unprepared a candidate more than them not knowing anything about your company. They went through the trouble to apply for the job and getting to the interview, but they couldn’t even do some reading about your company on your website?

Candidates that show zero evidence that they researched your company lacks respect. If they fail to demonstrate their interest in your organisation and products, they don’t deserve to be there.

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Being late for the interview

Life is often unpredictable, and sometimes random events such as a train breakdown or a traffic accident may prevent your candidate from being punctual for the interview. However, it should be their responsibility to arrive on time, despite whatever that comes in their way. The solution? Leave the house earlier.

Lack of punctuality is a sign of a person that disrespects other people’s time. It also shows that they are unprepared in the times of crisis, and their inability to solve their problem when things get rough. If they can’t be on time for an interview, what makes you think they will when they get their job?

Refuse to take responsibility for past mistakes

Candidates that always shift the blame to others for their failures is a major red flag. They blame everyone and everything from their previous boss, the lack of resources and even to the random stranger that made him late to the interview.

You want to hire a candidate that is not afraid to own their errors. Everyone makes mistakes, but it’s their responsibility to handle their failures maturely, and it’s that humanness that counts.


A candidate may have the best portfolio in the world and the most charismatic attitude, but if he or she displays these red flags, you should reconsider your choice. It’s just not worth the trouble and risks.

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