Currently there are many types of cars that are circulating in the market and of course, every type of car has its own advantages and disadvantages. Some types of cars that may not be strange to the public are SUV (Sports-Utility Vehicle) and MUV (Multi-Utility Vehicle). Both types of cars are often chosen by most people as the preferred car used. Lets drill down the obvious difference between these 2 car variances.


Image: Mitsubishi Outlander

Passenger Capacity

As the MUVs cars are reserved for families. So, it’s no wonder if it have a large car cabin that can accommodate up to eight passengers inside it, while for SUV cars less than that.

Purpose of Usage

The obvious difference between these two types of vehicles is the SUV or Sports-Utility Vehicle is a type of car intended to be able to pass through difficult and challenging roads and terrain or use as sports-challenging adrenaline needs. While MUV or Multi Utility Vehicle is a car type that is designed for families. So, it gives priority to the comfort and safety of driving.

Fuel consumption

SUVs are usually equipped with large-capacity engines, this is because car power must be strong enough to pass through difficult roads and terrain. Because of this, it makes fuel consumption more wasteful than other types of cars. Unlike the type of MUV car that is intended as a family car, most are equipped with a fuel management system that makes fuel consumption more economical.

System Drivers

On early production of SUV cars, this type of car uses a 4wd (Four Wheel Drive) system. This is because this drive system can generate power from a larger engine that is distributed to all wheels in order to drive the vehicle. But over time, some SUVs now use two-wheel drive systems to further save fuel consumption. Unlike the MUV car, it is intended as a fuel-efficient family car. Almost all MUV cars use a two-wheel drive system.

Ground Clearance

The other most visible difference of SUV and MPV cars is its ground clearance or distance from the body to the ground. For SUV cars itself is intended to pass through difficult terrain even from on road to off road, so it is not surprising if its ground clearance is high enough. In contrast to MUV cars that are used for general driving purposes, the average has a low ground clearance compared to SUV cars.

That’s just a few differences between SUV and MUV cars. Of course, every car type has its own characteristics. It is your own choice to fit the needs of the drive you want. Hopefully, the information above can be useful for you in choosing between these 2 car variances.