Which Data Plan Should You Choose?

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Postpaid or prepaid, which is better for you? A limited usage or an unlimited data plan? If you’ve caught yourself thinking about these questions, you’re not alone. In this day and age where we’re spoilt for choices, it’s understandable if you want to ensure you’re making the right decision for your data plan.

Instead of going through the advantages and disadvantages of both prepaid and postpaid, we’re asking you to step back and think about your lifestyle and needs before choosing the data plan for you.

Figure out where do you use your data

The first step is to determine where most of your data is going. You can check how you’re spending your data by reviewing your bills. Preferably, you should check your bills over a few months as a month isn’t enough time to observe and track your data usage.

Observe your bill payments and find the pattern of your spending; do you use social media more than watching videos? Do you prefer to chat on the phone than instant messaging? You can also think about how you can reduce your data usage with Wi-Fi.

unlimited data plan malaysia digi

Determine if you need an unlimited data plan

Unlimited data is a common feature in most phone plans, but it isn’t always necessary for everyone. Having unlimited data tend to be much more expensive, but if you find yourself exceeding your monthly data cap, you should consider upgrading it to unlimited usage.

If you’re only using data for basic web browsing and connect to the Wi-Fi whenever you can, you probably don’t need an unlimited plan. On the other hand, if you often stream videos, tether connection to your laptop and rarely have a chance to connect to Wi-Fi, an unlimited plan may suit you better.

Understand your lifestyle

How you choose your data plan depends on your needs and lifestyle. Every person has their deal-breakers when it comes to smartphone plans, and it’s something that you have to figure it out.

For example, a family plan is suitable for a large family that enables them to stay connected at a budget-friendly rate. Meanwhile, a person that travels frequently will probably find an international roaming plan more worth it.


For some people, the idea of choosing the right data plan may seem annoying and stressful. However, if you don’t look for the correct option, you could be missing out better plans that suit your lifestyle.

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